King Pleasure

by Saga Asad

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"Every single line means something"
Jean Michel Basquiat

Note from the Creator:

King Pleasure is a collection of songs I created between the years of 2009 and 2013. The driving force behind this project was catharsis. I had a need to express feelings developed from a bygone era of my life, sharing with you my experiences and ultimately my growth. Time has a funny way of grounding and allowing us to see our weaknesses. These songs have reached the ears of many throughout the years. Some I thought could help in molding them, others I believed could help in promoting them. However they never reached the most important people, you the listener. Enjoy this audio collage of life, experiences and experimentation.


released August 29, 2018

All songs mixed and mastered by Saga Asad except #9 and # 13 mixed and mastered by Mic Blaque.
Art Direction by Marlone Cole
Photography by Noah Bility


all rights reserved


Track Name: Flatlands über alles
Straight from the village slum
The slum village I'm reporting from
Where boys turn to men young
And as simple as ABC
they load an AK
And proceed to spray where they see
I took a vacay
Then came back to the streets
screaming mayday
A day may come when it's peace
And all that
While dudes ride around
Like they on horseback
Could spot their enemies
Even through a rorschach
I tell em fall back
Where there's life there's hope
Where there's dirt there's soap
Don't hang yourself with your own rope
I see through the scope adjusting my frames
Sitting at the shore of the Thames
Hoping my words don't go in vain
And they spark a change
I made a pact to live my life in a matter of fact
Speak the truth when I rap
And the proof is just that
Track Name: Talk Up
Yes your honor
From Bogota to Botswana I'm Maradona
That's hand of God
You couldn't box with my squad
Your crew vagina
You could tell the quality from the designer
I'm draped in gold like the moors in Granada
No matter negus or naga I'm still Saga
Don dada
From back when pops was rocking travel fox and I was stealing his lama
Who want war?
Yes your honor
The streets is filled with drama
Learned that from my mamma praying to the black madonna
You a guppy or a piranha?
Better leave faster than flora or end up with a chink in your armor
cause when the choppa start to chopping
Bad boys like Dennis Rodman start holding their hymen
Praying to the lord crying
You wasn't built for the streets like a sports car
Had full family support like a sports bra
Track Name: Asabiyya
Recollection is a blessing
So who ever I'm testin
I'm strapped with a smith & wesson
Learn a lesson
I'm stressin
Cause niggas don't acknowledge shit
Like this flow that I've been polshin
Other rappers I've been demolishin
They say I sound like I'm on some college shit
But I was on some dollar in your wallet shit
Like if you got it nigga holla shit
I do what I can others do what they try to do
Life is an obstable
So please watch your optics duke
Somethings blockin you
Others goin be stoppin you
Hip Hop hooray Hip Hop Heru
It's my time today tomorrow is you

You could have it all
You could have it all
And mamma said you could have it all
But I fall sometimes I crawl
Track Name: Free Radicals
Mamma pray for me
Cause niggas run the streets everyday
Saying that the got a k for me
I gives a fuck what you say to me
Niggas been wild since slavery
From sun down to sun up
My beema niggas what up
It's blood in spit your blood up
You smell fear?
My nigga stitch he got hit up he in a wheel chair
But I love cause he still here
Let em know I still care
Time movin slow I'm dying quicker
Sippin forty's just to kill my liver
Nigga I'm the giver
26 with grey's
Already learned that crime pays
Running with savages from the stone age
Eez got a chrome gauge
You goin meet the front page
Now ya famous
We used to use beef to entertain us
Rolling with a stainless
Mandatory minimums couldn't tame us
Knew a nigga the same size a Tookie
Came back after two years
Looking like Pookie
Threatening to shoot me
Cause I wouldn't give him a loosie
Track Name: Anti-life equation
They wanna hear I gotta few cases pending
Love God but I'm sinnin
My passions perpetuated through women
But I'm passed that
I'm in perfect shape I'm a prism
So why would I be competin?
When dreams are forever fleeting
In bright lights they wanna see him
And if you see it I see you
I'm from where people know people
And if it's beef then they heat you
And if you live it's a sequel
Niggas die hard
Mamma screaming oh my God
Ya body guard a need a body guard
Atheist they wanna body God
The streets is a war zone
A landmine a good dude on bad times
He want all yours and mine
Black glock black nine
Red beam till it's flat line
Gettin money like it's tax time
In the jungle where there's apes monkeys and snakes
Niggas see you stuntin steal the stuffing off your plate
You'll get it straight
Track Name: ALM
And we struggle on these city blocks
Little Semy keep the semi cocked
He said niggas snitching so he wanna send them shots
He know they drop
He goin park up on the block hop out and make it hot
I understand youngin
I know ya good will hunting
But there's no need for stunting
Your growth
Niggas is cut throat
I know you and this game eloped but your wife live other folks
He seen the truth behind my Alpina's
How I used to twist bitches like Val Venus
Plus he heard the story when I had the steemer Stanley handy
And I crushed beef handily
So to him I was manly
And I spoke to him in a language
Where he could understand me
I told him these corners are suffering
And we cut from a cloth if we fall down
We get up again
You can't hold that weight
Then tuck it then
Keep your bucket thin
If you think you a loser you ain't goin ever win
Track Name: Neter
Yes I stress sometimes I'm going through pain
But I don't complain
I just act the same
So many things I done been through in this game
Of life
You know what it's like?
You see I lost so many people close to me
Most important one was my Mrs to be
The pain
Standin over her coffin while she holdin rosaries
Had me feelin like tomorrow not a day I want to see
Yet I walk the streets with my enemies
They must think I got a bad memory
Like I forgot the attempts they tried at ending me
But I stay one step ahead just like a centipede
Critically thinking
Not thinking critical
The position of my peripheral is not menial
And I'm saying
Some cats can't even hold a mic right
How you goin bring a knife to a night fight
Where niggas a spark you like a night light
That'll put you to sleep
Nigga night night
Mamma forgive me for my transgressions